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Gear List to take to the theatre

  • 10 extra chairs for backstage
  • Blue tack - lots
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • cellotape
  • torches (2 min)
  • cell phone
  • cameras (still/video)
  • Duty Principal runsheet laminated
    • ie bullet point items needed to be mentioned at beginning of each session by principal with the microphone
  • Run sheets for:
    • projectionist
      • detailed for each session, itemised to chapter markers for each film, cues (last sentence of speeches), instructions on how each session should run
      • Evening showcase more detailed again
    • ushers
      • seating plans for each session
      • runsheet of day/evening , particularly noting which schools attending each session
    • Stage Management for stage/children managers
      • all run sheets, with at least one set enlarged to A3 to bluetack on wall
      • set of seating plans
      • torches, supplies, extra chairs, walkie talkie (supplied by theatre)
  • Projectionist pack
    • Give at the beginning of the day
    • runsheets
    • two copies of DVDs for each session (a back up)
    • bluetack!
    • organise a support person to work with the projectionist and liase with the production team - Peni Peleti has done this for a number of years, Courtney Brown took this role in 2012

Programming the Film Festival

Managing timeframes to make the Film Festival event happen:

One year out

    • book the venue, confirm date, time (8am to 9pm), establish a liason person, confirm quote for hireage
    • Inform schools, principals and lead teachers of the date
    • confirm the theme for the movies (eg confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners)
    • Inform schools of dates for movie completion ie last day to submit a movie NB: Publicly, this is the Friday of second to last week of term 3. In reality they must be in befor the last day of term!

Two terms out

    • Meet with principals to confirm participation
    • Meet with lead teachers to
      • co-construct attendance roster (which schools attending which daytime session)
      • co-construct seating plan - how the theatre space will be divided up
      • reminders of all the details about the event
      • Get a feel for how many movies are in the pipeline
      • Confirm movie deadlines - last week of term 3
      • check that buses/ trains are booked
    • Email Admin staff to make sure they are in the loop. They are essential to the success of this event and need to be contacted by the organisers, not left to principals/teachers.
    • Contact Theatre and confirm booking - preferably a face to face meeting

One term out

    • Google Form to collect details of the liason person at each school - to make sure the correct person is being emailed
    • Google Form for submitting movies - this will have ALL the details about each movie to streamline programming
    • Check Rob Munnik is booked for post production and DVDs

Term Three holidays

    • Movies have been submitted so organisers need to
      1. View all movies
      2. Post production to level quality
      3. Create a programme for each daytime Session, considering: one hour total show, who is attending, vary themes (including music, genre, age group)
      4. Work out an a percentage basis how many movies each school may submit for the showcase ie if a school submits 10 out of a total of 40 movies, they are allocated 25% of the 'air-time' for the evening session
      5. Notify the schools so they can make their own decision about which movies are submitted for the Evening Showcase AND inform the organisers
      6. Create DVDs for the daytime sessions

One month out

    • meet with lead teachers to go through detailed planing
      • reminders about student presenters, school attendance at day sessions, transport for school and presenters
    • Email Admin staff - keep in the loop
    • Notify media
    • Invite guests - corporate, volunteers, sponsors, supporters
    • Schools nominate helpers - ushers, drivers, teacher attending all day etc
    • Display stand underway ie publicity stand for each school to display at Hoyts

Three weeks out

    • Create the Evening session runsheet and DVD based on movies submitted from schools
    • Begin ticket sales for the schools - using a Google Form
    • Insist people use the Google Form so there is a priority booking system
      • NB: held back 50 tickets to give to invited guests -MC, corporate, volunteers, sponsors, supporters
      • 50 seats down the front for presenters
    • Visit theatre with a test DVD and arrange a time to meet the projectionist and have a quick run through to check quality etc
    • Teachers select children who will present their movie on the stage/podium

Two weeks out

    • lead teachers visit theatre for a walk through
    • student presenters learning lines
    • whole school has permission slips for transport etc sent home
    • organisation in place for transporting school and student presenters in place
    • ticket sales underway for Evening Showcase
    • liase with MC
    • liase with Media
    • liase with projectionist

One week out

  • organise website
  • organise films loaded to blogs
  • check teachers understand the blogging procedure
  • encourage commenting and positive feedback

During the day

  • Team member with projectionist to interface and provide support - need cell phone for communication
  • Having a team member in the theatre taking charge of seating all day very helpful
  • Encourage schools to comment on films and to complete survey