Class Teachers

Role of teachers visiting a session at the Film Festival

A set of reminders for all teachers who will be attending

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Food and drink - NONE in theatre - that includes adults - especially class teachers, eat at home!

  • Know where your seats are before arriving.
  • Blocks are organised for each school and are on a tight allocation.
  • The children are YOUR responsibility! Behaviour expectations are the same as they would be at school.
  • You are on show!
  • Line your children up - and keep them together as you wander through the PUBLIC space.
  • Sit in a spot where you can freely move around to corral YOUR children and monitor their behaviour.
  • Spread your teachers out amongst the children.
  • Locate the emergency exit closest to your block.
  • No eating in the theatre.
  • Exiting
    • Exit promptly - as another group is coming in straight away.
    • Keep filing out of the theatre - teacher in front. You will be exiting through the directors lounge.
    • You will only be able to stop to organise yourselves properly once you are well clear of the theatre. ie - downstairs in the courtyard.
  • Reminders for children (before attending the event)
    • Go to the toilet AT SCHOOL before coming.
    • be a supportive audience
    • listen to the presenters
    • SIT! and Stay Sitting
    • There will be no snacks!
    • Life is unfair - move on!
    • Don’t be a clown!