In addition to celebrating on the Xtreme Screen at Hoyts Cinemas all our films are shared on our blogs.

Everyone is invited to view films from the session they attended plus see all of the films from our Manaiakalani Schools submitted to this year's film festival.

All films will ‘go live’ on the blogs at 9am on the morning of the film festival and can be viewed on the Film Festival site

Blog Comments

We value feedback and invite you to leave comments letting us know what you enjoyed about our films.

Learning how to write quality blog comments contributes to our cybersmart learning and teaches us how to interact with others online in a kind, positive and helpful way.

Monitor the comments in response to your movie.

Who is responding to quality comments on your blog?

At school on the day of the film festival check out movies from schools you are not viewing at Sylvia Park.

The playlist for your session will be posted prior to the Film Festival. Save viewing these movies for the Cinema.

Being Cybersmart

Teachers: Schedule Blog Posts

Please schedule your film festival blog post to 'go live' on your blog at 9:30am on the morning of the film festival. Schedule the blog post (see image right) then click publish. Your post will not publish on your blog until the set date and time.

  • Embed a copy of your film in the blog post

  • Include a brief description for your audience e.g. a copy of the introduction learners will share at the cinema

  • Links to any other blog posts associated with the creation of your film.

Schedule your post to 'go live' on your blog at 9am on the day of the film festival.

When you have scheduled the post's date and time click done then you must click publish the post for it to go live automatically at the scheduled date and time. Do not leave as a draft as it will not automatically go live.

If you make any changes to the blog post title this will change the permalink

Where is the permalink for a scheduled blog post?

This is the link to your scheduled blog post which will be copied to the Film Festival Site.

Your school's Film Festival Organiser may ask you to copy this link and share it with them.

Once you have scheduled your post don't change the post as this will change the permalink.