Role of Principals at the Film Festival

Attending daytime session(s) with school group

Each session will have a 'Duty' principal to introduce the session (2 minutes max)

with welcoming words, from the podium, using mic, before the lights go down.

Needs to cover:

  1. Welcome schools by name
  2. Congratulate the students who have entered movies
  3. Respectful audience reminder
  4. Applause and cheering is great, booing is out
  5. No FOOD or drink in the theatre, at all
  6. Stay in seats, no moving around during the session
  7. At the end, when the lights come up, sit still and wait for for your teacher
  8. Evening Showcase session. If you want to attend you NEED to have a ticket - get it from MET OR ask your school to help you

  • 'Duty' Principal, responsible for introducing each session:
    • Session One - Russell Burt / Toni Nua
    • Session Two - Leslie Elia
    • Session Three - Paul Coakley
    • Session Four - Richard Johnston
    • Session Five - Russell Burt / Toni Nua
    • Session Six - Sarah Martin
    • Session Seven - Jono Hendricks
    • Session Eight -Soana Pamaka / Russel Dunn

Attending the evening session

  • Be there from 6.30pm to welcome guests from your school
  • Assist with seating the guests from your school from 6.40pm
  • During the show if any issue should arise which involves your guests or students, be first in line to deal with it
  • Assist with welcoming our corporate sponsors and volunteer partners if you see them